Candor³ performance showcased

Really pleased to see this article on yesterday.

Waimahia is a tremendous development and we are immensely proud of our part in delivering it to market. It is a new housing model that we endorse fully and it is nice that the article highlights the timeframes in which it has been delivered. The work of those that deliver such projects often goes unnoticed and to deliver something of this scale to the programme set down a year ago required commitment and hard work from the clients, Council and the full team of consultants and contractors involved.

Delivery under pressure is where Candor³ excels. It requires speed, accuracy and a huge commitment in terms of hours by the staff involved however seeing the smiles on the faces in the photo reminds us of the end game and why we do what we do – it is engineering for life.

Congratulations and thank you to the Candor³staff involved – an awesome effort!

We also extend our thanks to our visionary clients, The National Government, Council and the wider team because it has truly been a team effort. The HASHA legislation started the ball rolling and Council’s Project Housing Office have picked it up and run with it cutting through the red tape and proving that you can mix speed and quality in an environment where the parties act respectfully and responsibly in working to a common goal. It has been a pleasure to dealing with the Project Housing Office team on this project.

Also thanks from Candor³ to the client, consultancy and construction team – too many to mention individually but it has truly been a pleasure and to see the article highlighting what we have all achieved is a satisfying milestone – brilliant!.

The outcome really showcases what can be done and to have completed houses on site 9 months after we started construction on site is a magnificent achievement. A lot of lessons have been learnt that can hopefully be carried forward to other projects.