218 Flat Bush School Rd, Flat Bush

218 Flat Bush School Rd, Flat Bush

Project Description

This property had been on the market for many years and numerous contracts had failed to settle. The issue with this 7.2ha property was the large floodplains and extensive stands of native bush that covered the bulk of the property reducing the yield to just 18 lots.

Candor³ were introduced to Chimbusco International by a valued client who had no direct interest in the property but were keen to see it developed as infrastructure needed to be installed to be extended through the property to serve his own developments. Recognising opportunities that others had missed Candor³ reschemed the property, filling the floodplains in some areas to provide extra lots, balancing this with more flood storage in areas that could not be utilised and successfully negotiated a consent through Council.

Consent was obtained for 38 lots with a further 5 available as of right when access issues are resolved. Construction is currently underway although Candor3 have stepped aside from construction management.

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