411 – 431 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush

411 – 431 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush

Project Description

While a traditional 135 lot subdivision, this is possibly been the most complicated project we have ever dealt with and showcases the Candor³ teams skill in negotiation.

In order to facilitate this development 6 separate land deals with adjoining neighbours have had to be negotiated along with gaining Council agreement to changes to their structure plan. In addition rights of entry have been negotiated with other parties for works outside the subdivision. This process took 14 months but as you can see from the attached photographs was successful and construction is well underway.

The experience our staff possess contributed to –

  • Successful negotiations with Council altering a structure plan to get better outcomes.
  • Successful land swap negotiations with adjoining landowners on behalf of the client in the
    process adding value to all owners.
  • A successful Resource Consent strategy allowing 100 lots to commence while other issues
    were resolved.

Delivered through –

  • A willingness to work collaboratively with Clients and Council to achieve positive outcomes
    for all stakeholders.
  • An understanding of Council’s requirements and the need to deliver these without
    compromising the commercial requirements of the client.
  • A great deal of hard work and persistence on behalf of the client over a 14 month period.

Finally we can see the hard work paying off with the formation of Roads. Trimming to subgrade is underway. Not the ideal time of year to construct roads, but with a great team we shouldn’t have too many problems.

We have started the platforming of Lots and commencement of Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer. Coming to the end of the earthworks season topsoil respreading of the Stormwater quality pond and lots is a high priority. We have applied for a Winterworks extension to ensure further works can continue.

Construction of the Stormwater pond is underway and Earthworks progressing very well.

Having to chase and locate existing gulleys back to a firm natural condition is always a large job. Scoria blankets and underfill drainage is required to ensure ground water can be safely removed from the construction process. Fill can now be placed in these areas. Further clearing of existing farm culverts to ensure groundwater is lowered and fill material can be placed. With the ‘A1’ team on-site – this project should definitely be on time and ahead of budget.

With the project finally receiving the consents, contracts let, insurances organised – Let’s get into it!! We are finally into Earthworks, Sediment Ponds constructed, with the machines gearing up and starting to strip topsoil. Cut to fill operation has also commenced.


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