155 Trig Road – Lifestyle subdivision

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155 Trig Road is an 8 lot lifestyle subdivision located within Whitford, South Auckland with potential for further subdivision on adjacent properties. The location is just outside the Auckland urban limit and has a rural character within steep terrain containing significant stands of vegetation. The design process was complex and required consideration of many different [...]

227 Brownhill Road – Lifestyle subdivision

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227 Brownhill Road is a 23 lot lifestyle subdivision stretching from the Redoubt Road ridgeline down to the lower lying land surround Whitford. The design and consenting process for this development was extremely complex given the sites civil and geotechnical challenges - extremely steep valleys, both recent and historic slips and fault lines – along [...]

371 Whitford Park Rd

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Jack’s Ridge is a 17 lot lifestyle subdivision located within Whitford, South Auckland, an area characterised by surrounding farmland and small countryside living lots. The development borders two planning zones and is located within a rural scenic amenity area. The topography contains a number of steep slopes and a mixture of planted and native bush. [...]