A New Solution for First Home Buyers

Has been a busy month or two getting the first of the consents for Belmont in to Council but nice to see things coming to fruition.

We are increasingly seeing lots sizes in the order of 200m² to keep costs down but this doesn’t necessarily mean smaller houses. Clever Architects such as Paul Brown and A Studio among others have got their head around these small sites and are designing well thought out two level homes of up to four bedrooms and 200m² floor area that work well on such sites. The key things to get right is making sure the sites are regular and flat and have no wasted space and the Belmont area lends itself perfectly to smaller sites having gentle natural contour to work with.

The other dynamic that makes these small sites a good option is that they are often sited near to or overlooking open space and while you are paying for a small site you often get the benefits of a nicely landscaped reserve or other feature that lifts the value of your small site. Stage 1 of Legacy’s development uses this concept with the smaller sites facing north and west and overlooking a landscaped drainage reserve.

Candor³ and our clients put a lot of thought into our designs and while small means lower cost it does not mean lower quality.

Make it small – 200sq m lots for first-home buyers