About Us

About Us

Candor³ has developed a reputation for sorting out problems that others find difficult to solve, and for delivering holistic outcomes that exceed expectations.

At the very first stage of your project, an important component of the Candor³ practice is to take the time to think carefully about the needs of all stakeholders, about the benefits that might be achieved and the value that can be added beyond expectation. We then derive commercially and socially successful solutions that encompass all of these factors. Our solutions are often unconventional but they are universally successful because they address the real and often unrecognised needs of stakeholders – be they financial, aesthetic or emotional.

The results that we achieve come from a deep understanding that concrete, steel and timber are simply the tools of our trade and a means to an end because what really matters is people. The best outcomes inevitably come from satisfying stakeholder needs and we are experts at identifying and producing solutions that do just that. If you just want a consent for your project and achieving optimal value is not a priority, then what we offer isn’t for you because we provide far more than just a design, a consent or a completion certificate. We are passionate about value, success, and live and breathe your project from start to finish, cherishing it as if it were our own.

This holistic, results based, people-focussed approach isn’t just about feeling good – it also makes business sense. Outcomes that enhance the lives of people attract attention, accolades, and support in the market place – this is what we do – this is ENGINEERING FOR LIFE!

If a current or past project has issues maybe it is time for a fresh perspective, maybe it is time to try Engineering for Life. Give us a call – you may be surprised at the difference.