Planning and Urban Design

Planning and Urban Design

Functional urban environments must also be enjoyable to use.

Good urban design often means creating flexible spaces that can be used in a variety of ways to suit the needs of users. In the same way Candor³ approaches urban design and planning with a flexible mindset. While preparing applications and drawings internally we also work with urban designers and planners who share our passion for quality spaces and environments built with people in mind, that deliver real economic value and will be sought after and enjoyed for years to come.

Together, we’ll develop and deliver on your project vision, creating outcomes that answer your brief in an intelligent, efficient way.

We work to establish strong, positive relationships with stakeholders and proactively guide projects through the legislative process to achieve positive results with minimal stress.

We’ll successfully deliver:

  • Due diligence, feasibility studies, risk analysis and strategies
  • Design concepts and development plans for new growth or redevelopment sites
  • Detailed design of open environments and streetscapes
  • Resource Management advice and consenting strategies
  • Consent preparation and Consent process management
  • Local Authority and Environment Court hearing representation
  • Low impact urban design strategies for managing environmental resources


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