Water Resources

Water Resources

Water is a basic need and valuable resource. Access to clean water and the efficient disposal of storm and waste water is vital for people, businesses and communities to survive and flourish.

Well-designed drainage systems maintain efficient travel, protect homes and buildings and allow for enjoyable, healthy spaces for community’s to meet and develop. Good sediment management protects waterways and the environment, enhancing the reputation of your company and project. And most importantly quality water and waste water systems support and improve a communities health.

Before we design a solution around this crucial element we consider it in the widest context. Understanding every factor, from rainfall and topography of the land to the current and future needs of the community, means we deliver efficient, reliable and cost-effective drainage and water systems.

We’ll successfully deliver:

  • Network planning and design
  • Catchment hydrological and hydraulic analysis
  • Stormwater treatment solutions
  • Resource consents, and approvals
  • Project management and advice
  • Cost estimates and budgeting
  • Tendering and contract administration


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