Our Development Experience


Highgate Business Park


Previous design work carried out for this project resulted in an earthworks imbalance of 200,000m3 that the existing consultants were struggling to resolve. Candor3 were asked to review work to date and determine if a [...]

130 Hobsonville Rd, Hobsonville

Candor³ carried out the engineering design and observation work for this integrated development in Hobsonville. Working with A Studio architects an efficient scheme was developed yielding 59 lots on the 2.0ha site.   [...]

200 Hingaia Rd, Hingaia


Comprising 76 residential sections including 8 affordable sections, this site lies on the shores of the upper Manukau Harbour in Karaka. The zoning of the land which was driven by Candor³ on behalf of the [...]

304 Linwood Rd, Kingseat


A client came to Candor³ to have a due diligence carried out on this 12.0ha site. A scheme had been prepared for the land which gave a yield of 77 residential lots. After identifying various [...]

417 East Tamaki Rd, East Tamaki

This small 27 unit commercial development in East Tamaki. Candor³ have carried out the engineering design and observation work as well as dealing with all survey matters pertaining to the project.   [...]

200 Flat Bush School Rd, Flat Bush


Candor³ have carried out the engineering design and consenting works for this development in Flat Bush and will be continuing with the engineering observation, surveying and compliance works. The works involve the upgrade of a [...]

36, 38 Dyke Rd, Kingseat


This project borders 304 Linwood Road and was purchased by another of our valued clients. Working with the developer of 304 Linwood Road there are various economies that can be realized, sharing the cost of [...]

125 Murphys Rd, Flat Bush


A 250 lot development in Flat Bush with 3 high voltage powerlines traversing the site. As a risk mitigation strategy Candor³ have already lodged a consent to break the land down into four large lots, [...]

46 Belmont Rd, Pukekohe

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Candor³ have carried out all of the engineering design, management and survey for this 163 lot development in Pukekohe. Investigations identified a rock layer approximately 2m below the surface and the design has been [...]

35 – 45 Hayfield Way, Karaka


Comprising 86 and 34 lots respectively these adjacent developments lie on the north side of the Hingaia peninsula. Candor3 have carried out all the engineering design and surveying works for the project to date. [...]

188 Jutland Rd, Pukekohe

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Candor³ have carried out all of the engineering design, management and survey for this 78 lot development in Pukekohe. A consent was negotiated with Council without a wastewater discharge so as to allow construction of [...]

248 Porchester Road, Takanini

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A 114 lot subdivision in Takanini, South Auckland. Sited within the Addison Masterplan Area the development comprises an 89 lot subdivision with 25 medium density units requiring separate consents. Despite challenging ground conditions and limited [...]

371 Whitford Park Rd

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Jack’s Ridge is a 17 lot lifestyle subdivision located within Whitford, South Auckland, an area characterised by surrounding farmland and small countryside living lots. The development borders two planning zones and is located within a [...]

230 Murphys Road, Flat Bush

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A 31 lot combined subdivision and integrated housing development in Flat Bush. Through careful design considerations and in-depth discussions with Auckland Council and the Candor³ team, the project, lead by Candor³, has made the most of the 1.6ha site. [...]

Kyle Road, Albany, North Shore


A 40 lot residential subdivision on Auckland's North Shore presented a variety of interesting challenges.  This included the realignment through the development of an existing 450mm diameter Council rising main which served a large upstream [...]