Freedom Villages

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Freedom Village, Papamoa is a new model for affordable pre-retirement living in New Zealand. Candor³ partnered with the client to deliver this exciting 160 unit concept village into the New Zealand market. The new concept village has been a great success with additional pre-retirement villages in the pipeline across the North Island. The experience our [...]

Summerset, Hingaia

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Candor³ were engaged by Summerset to resolve issues with treatment and disposal of stormwater from this proposed retirement village after several attempts to solve the problem with Council had failed. Our team investigated the issues and rapidly developed a cost effective solution that was acceptable to Council. The experience our staff possess contributed to - An [...]

Market Cove, Favona

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Candor³ are excited to be a part of the team delivering the innovative Market Cove development in Favona, South Auckland. With circa 1200 apartments and terraced houses to be constructed this is a significant project aimed at providing a mix of much needed affordable housing in Auckland. Sited on the foreshore of the Manukau Harbour [...]

246 Victoria Street West, Pukekohe

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A 75 lot subdivision in Pukekohe. The original structure plan for the block delivered approximately 69 lots. With Council’s agreement, modifications to the planned structure delivered an additional 6 lots. Candor³ completed all engineering design and observation together with surveying works and compliance through Council. Similar Projects

178 Point View Drive, East Tamaki Heights

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Intersection Properties successfully had this property approved as an SHA after significant work to convince Council that with controlled landscape amenity a development could adequately deal with a visually sensitive ridgeline dominating the property. Initial schemes prepared as a part of the SHA process did not manage the steep contour well and Candor³'s first involvement [...]

Norwood Drive, Flat Bush

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A 29 lot integrated housing development in Flat Bush. Working on behalf of our client and in conjunction with Paul Brown Architects, Candor³ carried out the planning, surveying and engineering for this development. Working collaboratively with Council it was possible to arrive at an outcome that successfully met the needs of all stakeholders and sets [...]

200 Hingaia Rd, Hingaia


Comprising 76 residential sections including 8 affordable sections, this site lies on the shores of the upper Manukau Harbour in Karaka. The zoning of the land which was driven by Candor³ on behalf of the KARLA group of landowners was achieved through the SHA process.   Similar Projects

304 Linwood Rd, Kingseat


A client came to Candor³ to have a due diligence carried out on this 12.0ha site. A scheme had been prepared for the land which gave a yield of 77 residential lots. After identifying various opportunities to increase density we reschemed the land and derived a 108 lot Council compliant development. Seeing the benefits of [...]

200 Flat Bush School Rd, Flat Bush


Candor³ have carried out the engineering design and consenting works for this development in Flat Bush and will be continuing with the engineering observation, surveying and compliance works. The works involve the upgrade of a section of Flat Bush School Road from a two lane rural road to a four lane urban road with major [...]

218 Flat Bush School Rd, Flat Bush


This property had been on the market for many years and numerous contracts had failed to settle. The issue with this 7.2ha property was the large floodplains and extensive stands of native bush that covered the bulk of the property reducing the yield to just 18 lots. Candor³ were introduced to Chimbusco International by a [...]

293, 301 and 315 Flat Bush School Rd, Flat Bush

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Candor³ were asked to carry out the consultancy work for these three adjacent blocks of land in Flat Bush. Three consultants had completed schemes prior to our involvement however none delivered either the yield or commercially viable construction methodologies / costs to make the project a success. Candor3 reschemed the block increasing yield by approximately [...]

36, 38 Dyke Rd, Kingseat


This project borders 304 Linwood Road and was purchased by another of our valued clients. Working with the developer of 304 Linwood Road there are various economies that can be realized, sharing the cost of a wastewater treatment plant and balancing earthworks across both projects being but two examples. A number of scheme iterations for [...]

125 Murphys Rd, Flat Bush


A 250 lot development in Flat Bush with 3 high voltage powerlines traversing the site. As a risk mitigation strategy Candor³ have already lodged a consent to break the land down into four large lots, two of which are affected by the transmission lines and two of which are free of any encumbrance. The intent [...]

46 Belmont Rd, Pukekohe

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Candor³ have carried out all of the engineering design, management and survey for this 163 lot development in Pukekohe. Investigations identified a rock layer approximately 2m below the surface and the design has been carried out so as to minimize intrusion into this rock layer with it’s likely associated cost. [...]

35 – 45 Hayfield Way, Karaka


Comprising 86 and 34 lots respectively these adjacent developments lie on the north side of the Hingaia peninsula. Candor3 have carried out all the engineering design and surveying works for the project to date. Subject to receiving the consent and resolution of some global infrastructure issues the works will proceed to construction in 2017. [...]

198 Mahia Rd, Manurewa

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This 67 lot affordable housing development in Manurewa sits on the shores of the upper Manukau Harbour. Candor3 have carried out all of the engineering design and surveying works for the project and are overseeing construction throughout the build.   Similar Projects

Sunderland Precinct, Hobsonville

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Candor³ is carrying out the engineering and surveying for this 4.3 hectare integrated development, comprising numerous houses, terraced houses and 9 apartment buildings up to 13 floors in height. With a tremendous location perched above the upper Waitemata Harbour this is an exciting project to be a part of and we look forward to carrying [...]

188 Jutland Rd, Pukekohe

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Candor³ have carried out all of the engineering design, management and survey for this 78 lot development in Pukekohe. A consent was negotiated with Council without a wastewater discharge so as to allow construction of the pump station. The pump station and rising main were consented separately and built to a different timeline. The project [...]

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