Summerset, Hingaia

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Candor³ were engaged by Summerset to resolve issues with treatment and disposal of stormwater from this proposed retirement village after several attempts to solve the problem with Council had failed. Our team investigated the issues and rapidly developed a cost effective solution that was acceptable to Council. The experience our staff possess contributed to - An [...]

Stonefields Stormwater Treatment, Mount Wellington, Auckland

The Stonefields residential development lies within an old quarry basin with no option for gravity discharge of stormwater. Without proper consideration untreated stormwater runoff would put thousands of homes at risk of flooding and result in unsightly ponding and sedimentation at low points. Mark Sollner, while working for another consultancy, designed a system of rock [...]

Catchment Management Plan, Flat Bush

The Integrated Catchment Management Plan (ICMP) for Flat Bush was prepared at a high level without an understanding of how individual land holdings would be developed. During detailed design of various land holdings it was identified by John Gardiner, while working for another consultancy, that significant cost savings could be achieved for land owners, Council and ultimately [...]

Apia Central Business District Flooding, Samoa

Prior to 2009 the Apia Central Business District flooded several times a year in large storm events to depths in excess of 800mm. A project funded by the Asian Development Bank was undertaken in 2009-10 to remedy the situation. John Gardiner, while working for another consultancy, spearheaded the design and presentation of the solution to [...]

Stormwater Network Design, One Tree Point, Whangarei

The One Tree Point development is a 410 lot subdivision immediately north of Marsden Cove Marina. The land is extremely flat and previous development had blocked the natural overland flowpaths creating a flood risk that new stormwater networks had to mitigate as well as serving the proposed future development. While with another consultancy, John Gardiner [...]

Stormwater Conveyance Study, Papakura

Future development areas of Papakura are very flat and currently prone to flooding. Council proposals to address the problems required significant capital expenditure which would be passed on to developers and ratepayers. Candor3, while working with another consultancy, suggested alternatives that would reduce this burden and subsequently carried out a Council funded study to confirm [...]