Stonefields Stormwater Treatment, Mount Wellington, Auckland

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Stonefields Stormwater Treatment, Mount Wellington, Auckland

Project Description

The Stonefields residential development lies within an old quarry basin with no option for gravity discharge of stormwater.

Without proper consideration untreated stormwater runoff would put thousands of homes at risk of flooding and result in unsightly ponding and sedimentation at low points.

Mark Sollner, while working for another consultancy, designed a system of rock gardens within the roads to treat stormwater before releasing the treated water into a large pond within a stormwater management reserve. The pond provides amenity for the community as well as ensuring flood protection for the development in any foreseeable storm event.


The experience our staff possess contributed to –

  • Flood protection from any likely storm for all dwellings within the Stonefields development.
  • A cost effective stormwater management area has been provided that maximised the land available for development and provides significant community amenity.
  • Provides an opportunity to educate the community about stormwater within natural and urban environments via sign boards.

Delivered through –

  • Technical knowledge in land development and stormwater hydraulics and treatment.
  • Quality computer hydrological and hydraulic modelling skills.
  • Mark’s understanding of the cost implications of a design for both client and community.
  • Mark’s ability to modify standard practices to achieve more effective outcomes.


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