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Waimahia Inlet

Project Description

Candor³ are privileged to be involved with this exciting development in Weymouth aimed at delivering approximately 300 affordable homes into the Auckland market.

The project is on the fast track having been declared a Special Housing Area and already creating a milestone when it had the honour of lodging the first ever consent lodged with Council’s Housing Project Office under the Unitary Plan. Lodged on 19th November 2013 the consent for the first 90 homes was issued on 20th December 2013 – a four week turn around and the Government and Council must be congratulated on their Housing Accord initiative if this is a sign of things to come.

Construction has commenced and we invite you to share the journey from empty field to vibrant community as the project unfolds – January 2013 – October 2013 This was an exciting time for the project team working through concepts and costings with the various stakeholders including the local community to arrive at an agreed masterplan for the development. Subsequently consent was sought for infrastructure works to allow a start in early summer and with Council cooperation was granted in mid October 2013 allowing works to start.

Phase 1 is now complete. Council inspections are carried out in preparation for 224c lodgment. Building works within Phase 1a commence and the builders are making great progress.

The transformation of Phase 1a is complete. Safety fences are installed around the stream and Wetland area. Berms within phase 1a are top soiled, asphalt laid and streetlights installed. Council inspections are carried out in preparation for 224c lodgement. Works within Phase 1 continues at a rapid pace in preparation for completion in August.

The transformation of Phase 1a is almost complete. Safety fences are installed around the stream and Wetland area. Berms within phase 1a are top soiled, asphalt laid and streetlights installed. Council inspections are carried out in preparation for 224c lodgement. Stabilisation of the majority of Phase 2 is carried out.

A big push on Phase 1a sees the area really starting to take shape. Roads are metalled and readied for sealing, final shaping of wetland, concrete parking bays installed, footpaths poured and retaining walls continue

Activity kicks into 2nd gear as the end of the earthworks season approaches. Metal is placed on phase 1a roads and kerblines are laid. Platforms in Phase 1 are metalled, trimming of Roads continue and Retaining walls commence.

The transformation is starting to take shape with phase 1a roads being cut out, lots being shaped and metal being placed to protect the building platforms.

The continuation of good weather largely continues and the contractor is making use of the sunshine. The site comes alive with large earthmoving machinery, progressing with the bulk earthworks and key drainage/sewer lines. The Watercare trunk sewer diversion work continues and the. Sediment control pond 2 is installed, allowing bulk earthworks to start in the phase 2 area.

With good weather and an excellent site team great progress has been made with the bulk shaping of the wetland largely completed, a Watercare trunk sewer diversion well advanced, the key stormwater drainage installed and earthworks commencing in earnest

November was a very busy month for the team getting a construction contract sorted out and construction off the ground. Always exciting to see works start after many months of design and consenting – much as we enjoy the design engineers still love getting our hands dirty and seeing the machines start up and the vision delivered.

Waimahia Inlet prior to construction. The site is approximately 15.5 hectares in area and predominantly comprises of rural / pastured land which has been used for grazing/farming in the past.

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