Supporting Starship Foundation – Circuit-a-thlon

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Supporting Starship Foundation – Circuit-a-thlon

Project Description

We are proud to be supporting this great cause by sponsoring Ned Wood $50 a circuit…every little helps.

On May 10th at 7pm (, is starting a 21 hour circuit-a-thon. The last circuit-a-thon raised over $45,000 for the Breast Cancer Foundation. For this circuit-a-thon, the gym has chosen to support the Starship Foundation so all proceeds go to help our sick kids.

Kiwi kids, the most important and cherished part of our community but also the most vulnerable. Annually Starship Hospital treats over 120,000 of our kids for ailments ranging from colds to cancer and unfortunately most children we know have had to go into Starship at least once, some many more times. The Starship Foundation ( needs to raise over 5 million dollars annually to keep giving kiwi kids the best care possible.

So what are we doing? Kate, Hamish, and I have entered the Elite division (against an Army SAS team and Navy Spec forces team) of the circuit-a-thon, which requires a three person team. Each time any member completes a circuit our team gets a point, and each of us is aiming to each complete all 21 hours of circuits. Additionally we gain extra points from the Elite division circuits held every 4 hours. Our aim in competing this hard is to raise as much for the kids as we can. To view a video of a typical circuit  click here Specforce Circuit

So, what can you do to help? Sponsor our team, $1 or $5, or $25, or $50 a circuit or $100 or $200 a circuit, or anything you can spare for Starship. As much as you decide to contribute it will all go to help our sick kids in hospital, which we believe is an incredibly worthwhile cause.

Our team name is Help Kiwi Kids Heal, we’ve got a determined team, we’re aiming to win but most of all we’re hoping to raise as much as we can for kiwi kids. As a way of recognition, if you sponsor over $25 a circuit ($525) you’ll get your company name on our shirts, and if you sponsor us over $50 a circuit ($1,050), you’ll get your logo as well. The company or individual that sponsors our team the most will get their name (and logo) on the front of our shirts. All contributors will be recognised for their generosity on the signage at our team base in the gym during the circuit-a-thon.

On behalf of all the kids that Starship helps and the other members of our team we sincerely thank you for your contribution. If you’d like to come down and support the team the gym is located at 9 Karaka St in Newton and we’ll be going all night!!


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