Apia Central Business District Flooding, Samoa

  • Candor3 - Apia Water Resources
Apia Central Business District Flooding, Samoa

Project Description

Prior to 2009 the Apia Central Business District flooded several times a year in large storm events to depths in excess of 800mm. A project funded by the Asian Development Bank was undertaken in 2009-10 to remedy the situation.

John Gardiner, while working for another consultancy, spearheaded the design and presentation of the solution to the Samoan Government while Mark Sollner carried out the hydraulic modeling and design work. Shortly after completion of the drainage system in 2010  a large storm event occurred and confirmed the validity of the solution with minimal flooding in previously vulnerable areas.

The experience our staff possess contributed to –

  • Significantly reduced flooding for the residents and business people of Apia in all but extreme rainfall events.
  • Social and economic benefits for the residents of central Apia.
  • A robust long term solution that accurately identified and resolved the problem.

Delivered through –

  • Our ability to challenge assumptions and the confidence to do what delivers effective results, not necessarily what is asked.
  • Accurate identification of the causes of flooding which were not previously understood.
  • Confirmation of theoretical results via seeking eye witness accounts.
  • Quality computer modelling of solutions.
  • Questioning of prior design works and validation of assumptions and confirming the validity of brief before proceeding.
  • Technical Knowledge in stormwater matters.

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