Catchment Management Plan, Flat Bush

Catchment Management Plan, Flat Bush

Project Description

The Integrated Catchment Management Plan (ICMP) for Flat Bush was prepared at a high level without an understanding of how individual land holdings would be developed.

During detailed design of various land holdings it was identified by John Gardiner, while working for another consultancy, that significant cost savings could be achieved for land owners, Council and ultimately ratepayers.

Relocation of various treatment devices was successfully negotiated with Council and other stake holders to deliver the savings without the need for re notifying of the ICMP.

The experience our staff possess contributed to –

  • Reduced land areas required to be purchased by Council reducing cost for ratepayers.
  • Long term reduction in reserve maintenance costs for the benefit of ratepayers.
  • A high level of stormwater treatment coupled with strong amenity for the community.

Delivered through –

  • Our ability to challenge assumptions and the confidence to do what delivers effective results, not necessarily what is asked.
  • The ability to question prior assumptions and think outside the box.
  • Technical Knowledge in stormwater matters.
  • Strong commercial knowledge
  • Good negotiation skills.

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