227 Brownhill Road – Lifestyle subdivision

227 Brownhill Road – Lifestyle subdivision

Project Description

227 Brownhill Road is a 23 lot lifestyle subdivision stretching from the Redoubt Road ridgeline down to the lower lying land surround Whitford.

The design and consenting process for this development was extremely complex given the sites civil and geotechnical challenges – extremely steep valleys, both recent and historic slips and fault lines – along with large earthworks requirements and negotiations with Transpower. However the proximity to Auckland and elevated panoramic rural views, the completed development is a worthy goal.

This project faced a lot of technical difficulty from the outset, however, it will succeed through the use and combination of various cutting-edge design techniques, and an eagerness and willingness to overcome some of the largest challenges facing lifestyle subdivisions. The project is reaching the end of its earthworks phase with civil works progressing into this winter.

The experience our staff possess contributed to:

  • Coordination between civil and geotechnical disciplines to create a unique development on an extremely difficult site.
  • An effective and efficient engineering design to minimise development cost.
  • Optimising development yield without compromising quality of sites or stability of slopes.

Delivered through –

  • A willingness to work collaboratively with other expert consultants, clients, Council and Transpower to achieve the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • Determination to optimise the design to provide an effective and efficient engineering solution.
  • General technical knowledge and negotiation skills.

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