230 Murphys Road, Flat Bush

230 Murphys Road, Flat Bush

Project Description

A 31 lot combined subdivision and integrated housing development in Flat Bush. Through careful design considerations and in-depth discussions with Auckland Council and the Candor³ team, the project, lead by Candor³, has made the most of the 1.6ha site.

Complying with the rules of the district plan the development includes both medium and high density lots with some retail/apartment complexes included.

Careful considerations had to be made, including temporary works, to ensure platform levels and road tie ins suited Auckland Councils future Murphys Road upgrade levels. The success of this development was achieved through working collaboratively with Council and other stakeholders. The projects subdivision component is now completed.

The experience our staff possess contributed to –

  • Recognition of ways to deliver more efficient use of land and reduced costs for Council and ratepayers over the long term.
  • Collaboration between Council, consultants and developers to achieve an attractive development that will suit future infrastructure upgrades.
  • Maximum development yields and reduced costs.

Delivered through –

  • A willingness to challenge the status quo and work collaboratively with Council to achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders.
  • Persistence in resolving issues to allow the integrated designs to be consistent with the areas modern appeal.
  • General technical knowledge and negotiation skills.
  • A respected relationship with stakeholders, consultants and Auckland Council.

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