371 Whitford Park Rd

371 Whitford Park Rd

Project Description

Jack’s Ridge is a 17 lot lifestyle subdivision located within Whitford, South Auckland, an area characterised by surrounding farmland and small countryside living lots.

The development borders two planning zones and is located within a rural scenic amenity area. The topography contains a number of steep slopes and a mixture of planted and native bush. The nature of the site has provided several challenges both in engineering design and consenting, requiring a well thought out approach to the design.

The development team was able to successfully navigate the design and consenting of this project with Council through consultation and thorough preparation. In developing the design, the team at Candor³ was able to maximise the lot potential whilst maintaining the character and rural amenity of the local area.

The experience our staff possess contributed to:

  • An efficient use of land to optimise the potential for the Client.
  • Development of a scheme plan that maintained the rural amenity of the area.
  • Successful management of the planning and consenting process.

Delivered through –

  • A willingness to work collaboratively with Clients and Council to achieve the best possible outcomes for stakeholders.
  • Understanding the need to minimise the impact of the development within the rural environment and ensuring the design and planning process was managed effectively.
  • General technical knowledge and negotiation skills.

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