Kyle Road, Albany, North Shore

Kyle Road, Albany, North Shore

Project Description

A 40 lot residential subdivision on Auckland’s North Shore presented a variety of interesting challenges.  This included the realignment through the development of an existing 450mm diameter Council rising main which served a large upstream catchment, and the construction of walkways along the adjacent stream alignment to provide amenity for the future residents.

While with another consultancy, John Gardiner oversaw the design and implementation of this project carrying out a rescheme and negotiations with Council as regards removal of some native vegetation in order to construct a stormwater treatment pond in an appropriate location.

The experience our staff possess contributed to –

  • A pleasant subdivision which maximized land use while providing access to adjacent ecological assets.
  • Enhanced environmental outcomes with the construction of a stormwater treatment pond adjacent to a stream and walkways to provide public access and amenity.
  • Realignment of a major wastewater rising main without disruption of service to existing residents.
  • The upgrading of Kyle Road to provide better access and transport facilities for future and existing residents alike.

Delivered through –

  • Strong negotiation skills allowing removal of native vegetation to install treatment devices and allow productive land use.
  • Detailed programming and understanding of the project and the logistics of realigning a major public infrastructure asset while maintaining service to existing residents.
  • Technical knowledge in Land development, roading and wastewater infrastructure.


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